Clear, slow sinking line for fishing lakes.
Price: $79.95

    A must-have line for the serious lake angler. Castability has always been a problem with clear intermediate sinking lines because there are no lubricants in the coating and the lines drag through the guides. RIO has solved the problem by incorporating proprietary lubricants into the running line coating that make the line slick. The running line is translucent green while the head is completely clear. With an intermediate sinking rate of 1.5 ? 2.0 inches per second (3.7 cm/s), the line is perfect for fishing subsurface and shallow shore lines. Ideal when stealth is required for wary, selective fish. Made on a low memory supple monofilament core with a coldwater coating and welded loop on the front end. Our recent tests have disclosed that this line will fish to four feet deep pretty quickly, but will enable you to fish shallow water easily when fish are patrolling the edges of a lake. This often happens early in the season, just after ice-out as the shollow water along the edges of a lake often warms first. The Rio AquaLux? Fly Line has less memory when cold than do most other sinking fly line, which makes it easier to cast then the weather/water are cold during the early season.
    WF3I - WF9I Length: 100 ft (30.5 m) Color: Clear AquaLux