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Alec Jackson Tube Fly Hook, picture
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Alec Jackson Tube Fly HooksThe Alec Jackson Daiichi D1648 Tube Fly Hook may be the best all around hook for standard tube flies used for steelhead, trout and salmon. We sure like them. They make any fly look better. These hooks are very sharp, are tremendously strong, and have a micro barb (which is easily mashed down). These hooks really hold fish. For small tube flies meant to be fished near the surface, it is advised to take the offset out of the hook to keep your fly from spinning. For...

Alec Jackson Hooks

Alec Jackson changed the world of tying classic steelhead and salmon flies forever. Prior to 2000, he was a three time special guest at The Fly Fishing Shop Christmas Party. He is pictured above tying flies and entertaining everyone. This picture was taken for our online newsletter in 1997. During an extensive web search it was the only picture I found of Alec tying flies. Too bad! Alec was a meticulous craftsman, and a very likable guy.

Alec Jackson hooks are treasured everywhere people tie flies for anadromous fish. The two flies pictured here are suitable for both wall display and/or catching fish. They are part of a seven fly Spey set given to me by Polish angler/tyer Adam Mrozek.