Alaska King Salmon Equalizer Fly Kit
  • Alaska King Salmon Equalizer Kit
  • Seven flies  specifically selected for Alaskan King Salmon
  • Seven compartment snap-lid box included
  • Totally organized and ready to fish

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    Alaska King Salmon Equalizer Fly Kit

    KINGS, KINGS, KINGS, nothing gets the motor running like a 45 pounder on a 9 weight Spey rod. No matter if your heading up to BC. or Alaska the fly patterns are the same. Kings tend to like bigger patterns but don’t leave your winter steelhead bugs at home. If the water drops and gets low and clear you’ll want some smaller flies. But typically most rivers are experiencing spring run off and tend to be up a little higher so the bigger flies are the usual norm. Aqua Flies Stu’s Rhea Intruder, Ostrich Intruder and Chinook Intruder are always good as well as flies like the Stinger prawn and Skagit minnow by Mike Kenny. Color wise Black and Blue, Chartreuse and blue or white, purple and pink, black and red you name it they all work . Here at The Fly Fishing shop we’ve put together some kit’s to make things easy for you. Feel free to call us and make substitutions to the kit if you want to, and make sure you take plenty of mosquito repellant up there and if you see a Grizz trip your guide and run like hell for the boat. Good Luck and if your going to Alaska West on the Kanektok I’ll see you there. Hawkeye

    Fly Pattern
    Hook Size
    Individual Price
    Stu's Chinook Intruder-Pink & Purple
    Stu's Chinook Intruder-Chartreuse & Blue
    Stu's Ostrich Intruder-Blue & Purple
    Stu's Ostrich Intruder-Black
    Bjorn's Stinger Prawn Black & Blue
    Bjorn's Stinger Prawn Chartreuse & White
    Skagit Minnow Chartreuse & White
    The Fly Fishing Shop Economy 7 Compartment Fly Box