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    George Cook with a large Alaskan King salmon caught on an Alaskabou fly at Alaska West Lodge on the Kanektok River

    These proven favorites are tied to exacting specifications for George Cook (pictured with a very good Alaska King salmon).

    This beautiful fish, fresh from the sea, was caught at Alaska West Lodge on the Kanektok River where many fish like this are taken each year. George has fished extensively across the length and breadth of our largest state. He developed the Alaskabou series in his younger days while guiding in Alaska. The Alaskabou series was an instant success and they have remained key patterns for all of the anadromous fish in the northern latitudes including salmon, steelhead and char. The Alaskabou series of flies are also very popular in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest for salmon and steelhead and have spawned numerous patterns tied along the same marabou spider theme including our own Marabou Tube Fly series. The great thing about this style of fly is that they may be carried, packed tightly in a ziplock bag and stuffed in a shirt pocket or a wader pouch. The more they get crushed and munched, the more wiggle they have and the better they fish.

    Blue Moon: Black and blue with blue and pearl flash is a deadly combination any time, but especially effective on dark days or periods when the water is off color.

    Popsicle: This is by far the most popular pattern in this series. Named after the tri-colored popsicles we all grew up with, this fly has the warm spectrum combination of colors that seem to turn all anadromous fish on.

    Volcano: This pattern has hot colors with lots of flash and movement. It kind of looks like molten lava. That's why George named it Volcano. Reddish-orange has always been a favored color for new bright anadromous fish.