• One of the most popular dry flies
  • Used on both lakes and streams
  • A great searching fly
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    Originally tied by Lenard Halladay of Mayfield, Michigan in about 1922, for fishing the Boardman River. The Adams has remained one of the most popular dry flies in the country. In the Pacific Northwest it is a very effective searching pattern in sizes 12-16 for most freestone streams. The Adams can be an incredibly productive fly for evening fishing on Oregon's Deschutes. Sizes 14-18 are most popular. Fish your Adams upstream in the conventional manner. Let it float down stream below you then raise your rod and skitter the fly back upstream with short jerks. Many strikes will come as the fly is retrieved upstream. If there is a problem with the Adams pattern, it is very hard to see on the water. Because of that, the Parachute Adams, with its white wing post has become more popular. However, in our view, for anglers who can see it, the original pattern is still more effective in many situations. The traditional Adams is one of the best Callibaetis mayfly patterns for fishing lakes when used in sizes 12-16. A passable Black Drake imitation in sizes 10-12.