Royal Wulff Ambush Line in the box, picture
  • Royal Wulff Ambush Line in the box, picture
  • Royal Wulff Ambush Line - TTAM13F
  • Royal Wulff Ambush Line - TTAM13F
  • Royal Wulff Ambush Line - TTAM13F
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  • Color: Bright Yellow and Blue
  • Compact, short-head design
  • Facilitates roll casting
  • WF10F through WF14F 30% OFF!
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    Royal Wulff Ambush Lines For Both Single-Hand and Spey Rods

    Royal Wulff's multi-purpose line is designed to roll cast easily with single-handed rods. Promotes easy roll-casting for distance in close quarters. Designed with a short, 20-foot, compact head, marked by a color change in the line, from bright yellow to blue. This "change point" creates a visual reference point for intuitive casting. Front-loaded with a thin running line, it excels at distance with traditional or haul casts. Features welded loop and J3 coating.

    The Ambush Line was designed by long term shop owner turned tackle rep, Garry Sandstrom, as a tool for trout fishing in tight quarters, which it does in a superior fashion to all other fly lines. The Ambush Line is also proving to be the best choice for switch rods. This line works equally well with conventional tapered leaders, Poly Leaders and sinking tips made from T-8 and even T-11.

    Garry Sandstrom with a Sandy River, Oregon Steelhead caught with an Ambush Line.

    Garry Sandstrom with a Sandy River Steelhead caught with an Ambush Line.

    Garry says,
    "The inspiration for the Ambush line came to me while fishing the Deschutes River in spring The of 2008. I was swinging soft hackle flies in tailouts during a march brown hatch using an 8' 4-weight rod with a floating triangle taper line.

    Everything was going well until I found myself tucked under some trees with my back up against the bushes. The single hand spey casts I was using in the open, just weren't cutting it in the tight quarters, with the 36' head. I needed a very short, heavy head with the same great triangle taper. As soon as I got home, I ordered a bunch of 9-12wt coldwater Triangle Taper saltwater lines to start whacking and welding. I was lucky to be working as a Royal Wulff rep for the Northwest. A month later, after a lot of experimenting, I had my close-quarter line.

    The lines performed perfectly, I could roll cast and shoot line no matter what was behind me and it would load in close. Casting two big bead-head flies, split shot and a big indicator was easy. What really surprised me was how easily the line would launch a chunk of T-8, T-11 or T-14.

    Originally, I was only concerned with trout sizes, 4-6wt. But as friends started using the line, more requests were made for larger sizes. There were a lot of 9-1/2'- 10' 8wt single hand rods stuck in closets because of the popularity of spey rods, but there are still plenty of small streams or tight headwater areas where a short rod is better. There is also something to be said about a double digit steelhead on a single hand rod - can you say cracked cork?"

    Large Ambush lines for Spey

    Since its introduction seven years ago, Ambush Triangle Taper fly line has created a dedicated following of Switch, Scandi, and Skagit rod followers. Responding to burgeoning demand, Royal Wulff products has introduced new, heavier line weights in the Ambush lineup. Originally produced in 4-8 weight sizes, Ambush Triangle Taper is now also available in 9-14 weight, to deliver crisp roll casting performance from both larger single-handed rods and two-handed rods of lengths from 13' to 15'.

    Designed in 450-650 head weights that run from 24-30 foot head lengths these lines are marked by a color change in the line from bright yellow to blue. This "change point" creates a visual reference point for intuitive casting. And, like all Triangle Tapers, it shoots like a bullet.

    This spring I received a prototype 550-grain Ambush Line and installed it on my Sage 7126-4 TCX (DeathStar) rod, then attached 13' of T-11 to the front-end loop. It was fished for the next three days in adverse upstream-windy conditions. The water was higher than normal and the best run was on river-right, which demanded a left-hand-up approach (my weakest casting position). This setup turned out to be surprisingly easy to cast, and Ambush Lines will be a big hit with beginners and experienced Spey casters alike. It slices through the wind, and is remarkably easy to use in very tight quarters. Of course that is what it was designed for in the first place. -MB

    Size Head Length Grain Weight
    AMB 3 F 18' 175 gr.
    AMB 4 F 18' 195 gr.
    AMB 5 F 18' 215 gr.
    AMB 6 F 18' 235 gr.
    AMB 7 F 20' 265 gr.
    AMB 8 F 20' 290 gr.
    AMB 8.5 F 25' 325 gr.
    AMB 9 F 24' 350 gr.
    AMB 9.5 F 25' 375 gr.
    AMB 10 F 24' 400 gr.
    AMB 10.5 F 25' 425 gr.
    AMB 11 F 24' 450 gr.
    AMB 11.5 F 26' 475 gr.
    AMB 12 F 25' 500 gr.
    AMB 12.5 F 29' 525 gr.
    AMB 13 F 28.5' 550 gr.
    AMB 13.5 F 30' 575 gr.
    AMB 14 F 29' 600 gr.
    AMB 14.5 F 31' 625 gr.
    AMB 15 F 30' 650 gr.

    All lengths are in feet. Specifications subject to change without notice.

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
    Rogue Valley Oregon

    Royal Wulff Abush Line

    I was looking for a shooting line that I could also nymph fish with on my 6 and 7 wt switch rods. I did watched a lot of videos and settled on the Royal Wulff Ambush Lines and I was impressed right out of the gate. It mends like a dream and with a solid anchor set you can launch it to the far reaches of the other side of the river. Great all around line if you are looking to take 1 rod and fish a lot of different water while switching up techniques. I fish the Applegate in the mornings which has zero back casting room in most cases and end up on the Rogue in the afternoons where I need to reach a bit further to get into fishy water. It does both well. I admit I am new to the switch rod life and this line makes me look like I know what I am doing! Thank you for the great product! (P.S. it may have some luck rubbed on it because I landed a steelhead on both rods my first trip out with the new line- just saying) M.M.


    Love my ambush line

    Using the 6wt ambush on my 11' 3" 3wt Mystic Micro Spey. Great combo with a variety of tips & leaders, from floating on down. Can chuck larger streamer & weighted nymphs under indicators with ease.
    Thinking the 8wt ambush might work well on my Redington 10' 6" 4/5 wt switch.


    Versatile and Reliable

    I've been using Ambush lines for a number of years on rods from 2 to 10 wt. Fish often on streams and rivers with trees immediately bankside and find these lines roll cast easily, and on my longer rods, 11' for example, spey cast with a snap T just as easily. Fast sinking tips work well even with the floating versions (which I prefer), and have even taken a few fish with dry flies, small flies of size 16 or 18, with long leaders and shorter casts.

    The integrated running line is very nice when fishing shorter casts and trying to get that 24 incher into the net, too. I still use shooting heads with running line, but prefer the Ambush combo.

    These become a standby that make even Triangle Taper lines seem a bit passe. For lighter midge work TT or Sylk lines are still the number, but for swinging wooly buggers or a pair of soft hackles the Ambush lines can't be beat. Appear to have 7 in the arsenal right now and getting another shortly to match a new rod.

    Try it, you'll like it.