• Sink Rate - Float
  • Color - Salmon / Orange
  • EasyID
  • Front Loop
  • Back Loop
Price: $59.99

    An easy casting shooting head designed for effortless distance and great presentation

    • Easy casting design
    • Printed ID system for quick size identification
    • Ultra-low stretch core for the best in casting and fishing sensitivity
    • High viz rear loop

    "Scandi" style heads feature long, fine front tapers that unroll with ease, remain stable and smooth throughout the casting stroke and are very easy, and pleasant to cast.

    Scandi heads are the best line in tight casting situations and a particularly good choice on smaller rivers, and for novice to average casting skills - particularly when smaller and unweighted flies are used. They are not the right choice of head for windy days, or for casting big flies and fast sinking tips.In these situations a Skagit head would be a far better choice.

    The RIO Scandi head is a very easy casting Scandi style shooting head, built on RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the utmost in casting control and sensitivity. It is available in a multitude of lengths and weights to cover all rod and angling situations.

    For tight casting spots and the utmost ease of casting, use a head length that is between 2.5 and 3 times the length of the rod. Thus, a 12 ft rod would work best with a head that is between 30 and 36 ft in length. The shorter the head length, the tighter the back casting space an angler can fish in.

    With more room and better casting skills, a longer head provides the angler with less line to strip in between each cast and more fishing time.

    Size Rod Size Head Length
    180gr #2 28ft / 8.2m
    210gr #2 28ft / 8.5m
    240gr #3 29ft / 8.8m
    270gr #4 29ft / 8.8m
    300gr #5 31ft / 9.5m
    330gr #5/6 31ft / 9.5m
    #6 31ft / 9.5m
    390gr #6 31ft / 9.5m
    420gr #6/7 31ft / 9.5m
    435gr #6/7 32ft / 9.8m
    450gr #7 34ft / 10.4m
    480gr #7/8 34ft / 10.4m
    510gr #8 34ft / 10.4m
    540gr #9 34ft / 10.4m