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    "Molecularly Altered" Frog Hair Shooting Lines offer all of the casting qualities the big water angler desires. FROG HAIR's exclusive process builds-in flexibility and virtually eliminates coil memory, which produces lines that will shoot further and handle easier than any other monofilament running/shooting lines. Frog Hair Shooting Lines have the "slickness" needed to achieve greater distances. This processing also helps prevent kinking and allows the line to lay in soft, loose coils that literally "shoot like a bullet" through the rod guides. In the larger diameters, stripping is also easier, more controlled, and provides more secure hook-sets.

    Many shooting/running lines must be presoaked the night before and kept wet right up until fishing time to help make them more flexible. But not Frog Hair! Their proprietary manufacturing process eliminates this bothersome step to ensure greater suppleness and more flexibility throughout the line. At home in both fresh and saltwater. 44-yard spools.