Price: $55.00

    Beulah Elixir Scandi Shooting Head Spey Lines

    These Scandi style heads are designed to balance perfectly with Beulah G2 Platinum and Beulah Onyx series two-hand rods. They also mate up well with most other brands of rods, as with all the Scandi Lines, Elixirs are designed to fish smaller flies. Either regular knotless tapered leaders or PolyLeaders may be used with Elixir lines. Color: Sky Blue. Laser I.D. on all lines for easy identification.

    The Beulah Elixir Lines cast smooth and easy and come in two slightly different configurations: Spey featured here and Spey/Scandi featured here, and Switch/Scandi featured in a separate file. The Switch/Scandi average about three feet shorter per grain weight and are made to load shorter rods.