Like trout feeding on midge pupas, many giant fish feed on small fragile, easy to catch, baitfish. Ninety-pound Sailfish will eat 5-inch long Sardinas. One time we encountered three sails lounging on the surface. The guide tossed a Sardina at them. All three chased it and the next several others. I threw a Grey Back Baitfish Baitfish at the lead Sail with a 10-weight rod. He took without hesitation and stayed on for three jumps until the light leader came in contact with his raspy bill. Fifty pound Dorados eat small baits and so will 30-plus pound Yellowtails. Big Roosters, Bonitos and lots of other fun critters eat a variety of small baitfish, including small mullets, flying fish and sardines. The Baja Baitfish Series is tied on extra heavy duty, razor sharp Gamakatsu hooks so you can use 20-pound test class tippet without fear. The flies are dressed rough looking on purpose. The extra-wide Mylar dressed into these flies gives them an injured, scaled look. This extra material can be quickly trimmed of for a smoother, healthier look. Both presentations are valid in different circumstances.