NEW for 2019
  • Four piece travel design
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • Premium grade cork upper handle
  • Handle lengths same on every model
  • Premium grade cork lower handle with composite pivot knob
  • Black Anodized Reel Seat, With Location Dots
  • Gloss Black Blank
  • Chrome stripper and snake guides
  • Hard Case and Sock Included
  • Rod weight 6.8 oz
  • FREE Spey Shooting Head to match this rod.
  • 10X Rewards Points
  • Actual price of this rod with Rewards Points and FREE Fly Line: $435.05
Price: $549.99
    Points to Purchase:54999
    Points Earned:5500
    Bonus Points Earned:0

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    ECHO Full Spey Rod

    First impressions:

    The rod comes in a practical square rod case that is covered with heavy duty black fabric. There is zipper the runs around three sides of the top to form an opening for the padded cap, which is permanently attached to the case so you can’t lose it. The rod is then stored in a four compartmentalized sock to keep the pieces from rubbing on each other during transport.

    The rod itself is high gloss jet black with gold trim in some of the guide and ferrule windings. The cork handles are exactly the same shape and size as a Sage X. As a matter of fact the cosmetics on the Echo Full Spey are nearly identical to a Sage X, which cost about twice as much. Cosmetics are important, and I’m sure that many of our decisions are based on how things look. The Echo Full Spey Series are handsome rods by any standards. But rod cosmetics don’t really have much to do with catching fish.

    A fly rod is a device that gives each angler a mechanical advantage for presenting a fly to a fish. The main advantage is to help the angler cast by augmenting the generation of fly line speed. The faster a fly line travels, the further it will go. Building fly line velocity also affects casting accuracy, especially when casting in the wind. The Echo FS6130 generates as much fly line speed as I have been able to deliver with any 6-weight Spey rod. Therefore, it is as good as any rod I have ever used. The action is very traditional; neither excessively fast nor slow action. I would call it medium-fast. For me it is very easy to cast.

    Line Recommendations: Skagit 450-grain, Scandi 420-grain