IMX-PRO ShortSpey Rods = less fatigue
  • Premium cork handle
  • Custom reel seat+ components
  • Conduit Core Technology
  • Fuji stripper guides
  • Single foot chrome guides
  • IMX-PRO matrix
  • HCR resin system
  • Advanced multi-taper design
  • 3 & 4 weight are great for Trout Spey rods
  • Made in USA
Price: $605.00

    G. Loomis IMX-PRO ShortSpey Rods

    What G. Loomis says: The two-hand angler's toolkit is evolving. Efficient and versatile, modern short-format head systems are a popular and practical solution for many common casting and presentation issues. Recognizing this, Tom Larimer and Steve Rajeff joined forces to create a collection of true spey actions carefully crafted to meet the performance characteristics of this new breed of fly lines. All five models share an 11'11" length, perfect for executing short swings and managing low overhead canopies. With progressive flex patterns, medium-fast actions, and pumped power levels, IMX-PRO ShortSpeys jack casts like your favorite long rod , but with less effort. Conduit Core technology and Multi-Taper design enhance positive feel, and provide ultimate balance from the tip to lower grip.

    What we say about the G. Loomis IMX-Pro ShortSpey Rod Series: These rods grow on you. Tony and I spen a day on the Deschutes a year ago with Tom Larimer and Jake Zirkle. Tony caught the only steelhead, but we got to try the full series of ShortSpeys (#3 through #7 weight). Every rod was impressive. I bought a #4 weight last January and landed two small winter steelhead with it. It worked okay. But it was this spring when I started using a 330-grain Airflo Skagit Scout head to turn over larger trout streamers that the rod really let it true personality come out. The shorter compact head becomes a bullet when cast with this rod. Combined with a compact. easy casting stroke this stick really comes alive. Fishing in tight places is easy.

    All of the IMX Pro ShortSpeys have a similar actions. They like short heads. This kind of equipment can enable an angler to cover a lot of water with little energy drain. Three and four weight IMX-Pro ShortSpey rods are tremendously good Trout Spey rods.

    Line Weight Recommendations for G. Loomis IMX-Pro ShortSpey Rods

    IMX-Pro ShortSpey Rods Heads for Sinking Tips Heads for Surface & Near Surface
    Model Line Weight Rod Length OPST Airflo Switch Airflo Scout Rage Compact RIO Scandi Short

    IMX Pro 31111-4 #3 11' 11" 225 N/A 270 N/A 270
    IMX Pro 41111-4 #4 11' 11" 275 N/A 330 300 300
    IMX Pro 51111-4 #5 11' 11" 300 360 360 330 330
    IMX Pro 61111-4 #6 11' 11" 350 420 420 390 390
    IMX Pro 71111-4 #7 11' 11" 400 480 480 450 450