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Redington Palix River Wader Redington Palix River Wader
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The Palix River Waders are constructed from 3-layer, waterproof/breathable DWR coated fabric, feature reinforced lower legs for durability, high density neoprene booties, fleece lined handwarmer pockets, and a flip out pocket with secure YKK zipper. A wading belt and integrated gravel-guards are also included to keep you safe in the water. A great feature set at a great value.

Simms Freestone Stockingfoot Wader Simms Freestone Stockingfoot Wader
Price: $249.95
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Freestone Stockingfoot Wader Size ChartMen's SizesLargest Girth* (chest, waist or hips)Inseam*(crotch to floor)Stockingfoot*S35" - 36"31" - 32"7 - 8M39" - 40"33" - 34"9 - 11MS39" - 40"29" - 30"9 - 11MK41" - 42"33" - 34"9 - 11ML39" - 40"35" - 36"9 - 11L (9 - 11)43" - 44"33" - 34"9 - 11LS43" - 44"31" - 32"9 - 11LK45" - 46"33" - 34"9 - 11XL47" - 48"35" - 36"12 - 13XLS47" - 48"33" - 34"9 - 11XXL51"-52"35"-36"12-13* These are body measurementsEmbrace the deep wade. Corner comfort. And access the...

Simms Freestone Stockingfoot Zip Wader Simms Freestone Stockingfoot Zip Wader
Price: $399.95
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Spring marks the onset of erratic and sporadic from the headwaters of the Snake to the park beats of the mighty FreeStone. Wade confidently into the season with Simms' cost-effective and award-winning Freestone Z Stockingfoots. Waders feature a rugged Toray QuadraLam perimeter that breathes easy, repels water, and bushwhacks with aplomb. Guide-oriented architecture includes an easy-access YKK Aquaseal waterproof front zipper for quick relief on the river. Seek the sanctuary of fly box...

Simms G3 Guide BootFoot Felt Simms G3 Guide BootFoot Felt
Price: $699.95
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Ideal for those cold mornings steelheading on the Dean. G3 GUIDE BOOTFOOTS SIZE CHARTMEN'S SIZESLARGEST GIRTH* (CHEST, WAIST OR HIPS)INSEAM*(CROTCH TO FLOOR)STREET SHOESIZES/735" - 36"31" - 32"7S/835" - 36"31" - 32"8M/839" - 40"33" - 34"8M/939" - 40"33" - 34"9M/1039" - 40"33" - 34"10MK/941" - 42"33" - 34"9MK/1041" - 42"33" - 34"10L/1043" - 44"33" - 34"10L/1143" - 44"33" - 34"11L/1243" - 44"33" - 34"12LK/1145" - 46"33" - 34"11LK/1245" - 46"33" - 34"12XL/1147" - 48"35" - 36"11XL/1247" - 48"35" -...

Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot
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Powered by 25 percent more breathable GORE-TEX 5-layer Pro Shell fabric, Simms G3 wader just got revamped for a lifetime of in-river marching orders. Wrap raw hands in the convenience of a reach-through warming pocket with storm flaps and micro-fleece lining, then reach for everything you need for successful fishing missions via an intuitive zippered chest pocket design, with integrated utility tabs that house an arsenal of in-river essentials. Patented front and back leg seam construction...

Simms G4 PRO Stockingfoot Simms G4 PRO Stockingfoot
Price: $699.95
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From backyard boat ramp to AK tent camp, Simms G4 Pro wader is "lived in" by more professional guides than all others combined. Rugged and ultra-quiet 5-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell technology in the seat, leg, and waist takes stay-dry to the next level-enhancing your internal A/C capabilities with 25 percent more breathability. In addition, G4s feature the largest zippered chest pockets available on any Simms waders, plus a flip-out tippet tender to keep all your river mainstays in tow. G4 Pro....

Most fly fishing involves wading. All Spey fishing for salmon and steelhead involves wading. Any experienced fishing guide can pretty much tell how his day is going to go, just by looking at your wading gear. If you are dressed like the two gentlemen in the picture above, he's already figuring that it's going to be a good day. Wading gear that is worn, but in good repair tells your guide that you are experienced too. If your gear is worn out or in bad repair, you are going to suffer from the discomfort and distractions of being wet and cold. Your performance will suffer too. Good wading gear is your first line of defense against harsh weather. In extreme conditions, it might even determine your survival.

Wading gear is expensive. As a matter of fact, a good set of waders will cost you nearly as much as a really good fly rod, or a set of golf clubs, or a rifle. When you look at it that way, maybe a set of waders isn't so expensive after all, since none of the other items listed can keep you warm and dry.

When you are done fishing for the day, hang your waders where they can dry. If your feet are damp from perspiration, turn your waders inside-out so that the inside of your wader feet are dry when you put them on in the morning. The worst thing you can do to a pair of waders is to put them away wet inside a container that won't let them dry. Mildew isn't kind to your waders.

The best waders are made in USA. They are made by SIMMS.