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    Applying Principles to Fresh & Saltwater Fly Casting

    The tackle used and the manner of delivering an artificial lure to game fish separates fly fishing from every other fishing method. Legendary fishermen Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski will demonstrate, explain, and teach the elements common to all casts with a single-handed rod.

    Here's What You Get: Chapters Include:
    • More than 25 casts & techniques
    • More than three hours of in-depth instruction of
      principles-based casting fundamentals
    • Helpful tips & techniques that are simple and
      easy to apply
    • Practice tutorials & exercises that improve your casting
    • Analysis of the tailing loop and how to remedy
    • Good for all skill levels

    1. An Introduction to Fly Casting
    2. The Four Key Principles of Fly Casting
    3. The "Critical Angle"
    4. Getting Started
    5. Types of Casts Every Angler Should Know
    6. The "Tailing Loop" (Cause & Cure)
    7. Beyond the Basics
    8. Adapting to Windy Conditions
    9. Fly Casting with Weight
    10. The Art of the Retrieve
    11. Practice Techniques & Exercises
    12. Helpful Tips
    13. Applying What You've Learned

    "By: Two of the most experienced teachers of fly casting and fly fishing on the planet." � Dr. Gordy Hill, Federation of Fly Fishers Master Certified Instructor and Member of the FFF Board of Governors

    "It doesn't matter how long you have been fly fishing. Maybe you haven't even bought your first fly rod yet or, maybe you are like me, and have fly fished for over 60-years. Whichever type of fly fisher you are, you are going to learn from this video. If you are new, you are going to start with a strategy grounded in proven principles, and if you are vastly experienced, you are going to learn ways to make yourself even better. The Complete Cast is a long tutorial. Don't think that you can absorb it all in its 2-hour and 40-minute length. It will be like a finely written book, one that you can study over and over for years. It will enrichen your life, by teaching you new skills!" MB