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Teeny Mini Tip Lines w/Black Tip Teeny Mini Tip Lines w/Black Tip
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Jim says, "When I first thought of the mini tip design I was thinking of trout fishing in lakes and streams, and/or fishing for sockeye and chum salmon in Alaska. This fly line works well in a large variety of waters on most types of fish. Steelhead, Salmon, Bass, and Bluegill are just a few. The design is a weight forward taper floating line with our new ?HPC? coating (high performance coating) with five feet of quick sinking tip. It is easy to cast with great visibility to the angler. Easy...

Teeny Original Fly Line Teeny Original Fly Line
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Jim Teeny grew up fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon. He figured out in a hurry that the closer to a fish's mouth you put the fly, the more likely the fish will bight it. Most fish are not holding near the surface. Getting the fly to them often involves the use of a sinking fly line. He developed a series of lines that would effectively cover all situations when encountering fish that were holding in normal moving water. They are called the "T" Series. Developed in the early eighties,...

Teeny Saltwater Series Fly Line Teeny Saltwater Series Fly Line
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The TS Series represents a longer version of the original Teeny T-Series fly lines. The sinking section is 30 feet long with a 70 foot running line section (including the 3' rear taper). The floating portion of the line is made with Jim's new ?HPC? coating (high performance coating), totaling 100 feet. The title of the line is Saltwater Series, but it works equally well in freshwater when distance is important. The reason Jim designed this line was for anglers who prefer to cast long distances...