• 2017, Volume 1
  • 8 ½” x 11” format, beautiful 4-color
  • The Broad River - A poem by: A.P. Hoag
  • Karl & Me - About Karl Mauser - by Trey Combs
  • Alaskan Steelhead - a photo essay
  • The Craft of Spey Fishing
  • Conservation Corner
  • Syd Glasso: The Canadian Connection
  • The Life Cycle: of a Michigan Steelhead
  • Much, much more
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    What they say:

    Swing the Fly magazine was formed in 2013 as an online magazine dedicated to Spey casting and swinging flies for steelhead, Atlantic salmon, trout, and more. Nine free issues were published quarterly online from April, 2013 through July, 2015. Beginning in early 2016, Swing the Fly is now also available as a high quality print magazine.

    Some people might call us "grassroots." We do like to think that we are different. The magazine is printed on 100% recycled paper with a heavy, quality feel. We like big spread photos and in-depth content whether it be historical, perspectives, or technique. We hate gear reviews and ads disguised as content.

    Published quarterly with 132 pages of quality content, Swing the Fly is a magazine you will want to save and enjoy for many years to come.

    What we say:

    Swing The Fly magazine continues to grow both in content quality and in stature amongst its readers. This unique publication showcases subjects that deal only with the swung fly, and as such with the pursuit and conservation of anadromous fish. If you love anadromous fish, you will love this magazine.