Nymph Fishing For Trout School: What you will learn.

  • How to rig Skagit sinking tip lines for trout fishing
  • How to choose the right flies
  • How to cast with a Spey rod for trout
  • How to position yourself for the best fly presentation
  • How to get a bottom hugging swing fir the best presentation
  • and much more!

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    How to catch trout while Spey fishing

    Fly fishing instructors, Mark Bachmann and Frank Day examine a nice rainbow trout caught while Spey fishing the Deschutes River in Oregon.

    When trout get large enough to do so, they will often eat other fish. A Spey rod is a very efficient tool for fishing larger flies that imitate baitfish and other larger trout prey such as crayfish imitations. The sport of "Trout Spey" is becoming very popular across North America.

    Learn the art of Spey fishing for trout. A small lightweight Skagit outfit gives each angler tremendous advantage for presenting flies that imitate baitfish and crayfish imitations to larger trout. This school will be taught on the Deschutes River, arguably the Pacific Northwest's best trout stream. Here native Redband (rainbow) trout are picky and well educated: worthy of the best fly fishing skills. It is the perfect classroom.

    Your instructor is Mark Bachmann, a veteran Deschutes River fly fishing guide with 60+ years of experience with trout and over 35-years experience as a guide and instructor.

    This class is done while floating a section of the Deschutes river with a drift boat that is designed to seat two or three anglers comfortably.

    Minimum class size is two students, maximum is three. Although this school is limited to three currently, we plan to add room for more students, by adding more boats and instructors, as the demand dictates. We will have a waiting list after the school fills.

    What You will Learn:
    This school is based on, but not limited to "matching the hatch" principals. We will start by surveying the river for likely baitfish that can create a feeding response in larger trout. Then we will search our fly boxes and pick a series of likely flies to use. We will repeat this process several times during the day as needed.

    Your instructor will put on a Spey casting demonstration showing how to position yourself to get the best advantage and how to present the fly to achieve a bottom hugging swing. Your instructor will also give a demonstration on wading and how to acquire the best wading skills.

    There will also be a demonstration on rigging and tying knots, and which sinking tip to use for certain types of water.

    As we progress down the river with the drift boat, our emphasis will change to students doing all of the fishing. We will fish until dark.

    Lunch, drinking water, and munchies are provided. Rod and reel combos are also provided as well as Deschutes Boater Passes.

    This school lasts about 9-hours on the water.

    What you will need to bring:

    You will need to bring your own waders (or you can rent them from us), a rain jacket, polarized glasses, and hook sharpener, leader clipper and current Oregon fishing license are mandatory.
    If you have them, you are welcome to bring your own rod/reel setup, fishing vest with flies, split shot for weight, extra clothes in a roll top waterproof bag, and items of a personal nature.

    Suggested reading: Trout Spey Rods

    Suggested preparation: Spey Casting School

    This school will deal with fine tuning your spey Casting Skills, but is not designed to be an entry level Spey Casting School. You should be an accomplished Spey caster or take one of our Spey Casting Schools prior to this engagement.

    You may also want to consult our Guided Trip Equipment List for ideas.

    I hope you can join me.