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Simms Foam Boat Patch
Price: $24.95
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Description The 5� x 9� Foam Boat Patch works just like an over-sized open fly box with the added bonus of a magnetic �fly catcher.� Simply mount the patch on the inside of your boat, canoe, auto, etc. Features High-quality streamer slit foam and magnetic panel Slit foam comprised of 13 slits 10 cm x 7.5 cm magnetic panel area Adhesive hook and loop panels included Made in the USA Technologies ...

Simms Patch Fly Box Patch Fly Box
Price: $19.95
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The Simms Patch Fly Box is a small foam fly box that has velcro material on the back so that it will attach to your Simms vest, waders, jacket, or packs. The front has a velcro patch so you can attach a Simms Super-Fly Patch to the front or you can hook your fly into the loop material to keep it safe while switching flies. Quick, easy and so convenient. The Simms Patch Fly Box is 3.75" long by 2.75" wide and 1.25" thick. It weighs only 1.2 ounces and has ripple foam inside for storing your...