Owning a lightweight Spey rod turns trout fishing into a four season sport. Big trout eat big bites. That is how they got big. Owning a lightweight Spey rod will enable you to catch larger trout nearly any time of year because you can use larger flies more efficiently.

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Chromer Spey Rods Chromer Spey Rods, for salmon, steelhead, large trout and beach fishing
Price: $399.95
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The new CHROMER rods are the ultimate tool for the two-handed angler. With refined rod actions to suit a variety of casting and line styles, the rods also feature custom polymer gripping sections on the top and bottom handles. These unique pinch grip sections allow for easy running line management during Spey casts and added comfort over a long day of fishing. With three switch, and five spey models, we offer a size for any steelhead or salmon fishing scenario. ...

Hydrogen Trout Spey Rod Hydrogen Trout Spey Rod
Price: $349.95
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The Redington Hydrogen rod family is designed especially for the trout angler. A fine-tuned, medium-fast action is combined with the lightest weight components available to give anglers incredible performance with a light in-hand feel. Skeletonized reel seats and single-foot guides help reduce weight, while the rod actions and models will match any trout fishing scenario. There are three new 2017 trout Spey models and each offer a new, highly-efficient way to cover water for trout anglers, as...

Redington Chromer Spey Outfit Redington Chromer Spey Outfit, for steelhead, salmon, and large trout, a balanced outfit, great for entry level or expert.
Retail: $689.60
Price: $589.95
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Item #: RED-SPEY -

The Chromer Spey Outfit The Chromer Spey Outfit is so named because is is the perfect outfit with which to learn to catch chromer steelhead. At the heart of this great combo is the Redington Chromer rod,.This 13-foot 6-inch, 7-weight rod is the perfect size for most steelhead throughout their range. Coupled to it is the Redington Behemoth reel, another long term proven player. The 525-grain RIO Skagit Max shooting head and Scientific Anglers Monocore shooting line are proven. A FFS Spey Swivel...

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