• 10' long
  • 24-pound test
  • 7 densities
  • for single and two-hand fly rods
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    Available in here in the four most popular densities in 10' lengths to provide complete depth control, so often essential for salmon/steelhead fishing. Floating leaders work well when fishing waking flies and also for fishing wet flies near the water surface. Intermediate PolyLeaders allow you to fish your wet fly a little deeper or anchor the line tip a little harder to the water for roll casting in the wind. Slow and Fast sinking leaders are perfect controlling the depth you wish your fly to be fished at. The Extra Super Fast sinking leader gets the fly deep quickly. It is very popular for fishing in the winter or in bright light conditions. Max. tippet strength: 24-pound test. Tippet lengths of up to 4-feet are commonly used.