Price: $80.00
    Points to Purchase:8000

    The OPST Wading Staff is a four sectioned aluminum staff with a hardened tip. It self-assembles thanks to an internal bungee cord--just throw it out into the air and it will come together without any awkwardness. The handle is PVC foam that secures to a tether with a clip. It has a spring-loaded height adjustment with six different settings, and it comes in a neoprene case with a sleeve for a wading belt. The tether cord is centered into the top of the handle so that it stays put in the water instead of side-planering away from you as do most other wading staffs. The tapered ferrules are machined from aluminum bar-stock and if you wax them, you won't need to pound them apart on the stream-side boulder the way you do with other less well designed staffs. Have we actually used one of these, they are too new, but we have used enough different brands and designs of wading staffs to know the weak points. It appears that the team at OPST has put a lot of thought into correcting the difficulties with other staffs. The price on these new staffs is very attractive as well.