• Flesh Flies
  • Large articulated flies
  • For Alaskan rainbow trout and arctic char
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    What fly designer, Tracy Smith says about her Lady Flesh flies:

    "I was born and raised in Alaska and have been blessed with the opportunity to live and fish in an area some people only dream about. As a Fishery Biologist for the Department of Fish & Game, fish are my life and rainbows are one of my favorites.

    With abundant salmon runs, the rainbow is always nearby slurping eggs or gorging itself with that perfect piece of rotting carcass. My love for the rainbow has narrowed my tying focus in search of the perfect flesh fly and after examining countless number of salmon carcasses, I found the perfect color. The color was paired with a cactus chenille underbody and a bit of marabou and crystal flash in the tail to simulate salmon skin and that is how Lady Flesh was created.

    The mimicry is uncanny to pieces of salmon carcass being carried by the current. Since the creation, Lady Flesh has been fished all over the state of Alaska from Kotzebue to Ketchikan and the Kanektok to the Kenai. Lady Flesh proved to be an instant success and was a secret weapon for some time and has become quite popular among many Kenai River and Bristol Bay guides proving her success in heavily fished drainages. Lady Flesh is a great fly for year round rainbow fishing as there are numerous colors in the series."

    Lady Flesh Fly, Pink

    This fly simulates flesh from a fairly fresh fish. This may be from a carcass that was ripped by a bear, or maybe by the natural breakdown of the elements. Whatever the cause, this fly represents what most fish are looking for and gets lots of action.

    Lady Flesh Fly, Tan & White

    This fly simulates flesh from a fish that has been exposed to the air. It is in the middle stages of decay and will often produce on finicky late season fish.

    Lady Flesh Fly, Orange & Tan

    This fly simulates flesh that is still fresh on one end and decomposing on the other, such as that found during the mid-season.