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    Blue Eared Pheasants are native to the Kokonor and Kansu provinces of China. Males and females are almost identical and have full adult plumage by 4-5 months old. The feathers sold here are plucked from anesthetized live birds. This produces feathers of exceptional size and quality. Natural feathers when assembled in a fly are nearly indistinguishable from natural heron. Dyed feathers are first bleached and then dyed which give them very bold colors. Blue Eared Pheasant feathers of this quality are always in demand and the demand often exceeds the supply. Packages contain one dozen feathers. Size of feathers varies in each package. Size medium will tie flies from size #4 to #1. Size large will tie flies from size #1 to #3/0. Sizing of Spey hackles is often dependent on the whims of the individual tier.