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Maxima Ultra Green leader/tippet spool, pictured.
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Maxima Ultra Green is more supple, and is softer than either Chameleon or Clear. It is nearly invisible in most glacial river and lake water. It has good knot strength and is very popular for fishing nymphs or dry flies for trout. Maxima Ultra Green is popular with steelhead/salmon anglers throughout the range of all the species Importantly, Maxima Green in #30 bends about the same as a Scandi line tip. So the energy of the cast is transmitted smoothly from the line through a hand tied leader...

Maxima leader/tippet spool picture
Price: $5.60
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
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Maxima Chameleon is very hard and abrasion resistant tippet material. Its dark brown color is infrared sensitive to blend with the surroundings when submerged. It is best when fishing deep. For those reasons it has become the most popular salmon and steelhead tippet for Skagit style fishing with your fly sunk near the bottom. I first discovered Chameleon in about 1969, while attending a Sandy River Chapter of Northwest Steelheaders. Maxima rep, Ben Silknitter was the guest speaker. Ben was one...

Maxima Clear leader/tippet spool, picture.
Price: $5.60
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
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Maxima Clear has the same properties as Chameleon, except it doesn't contain the infrared sensitive dye. It has a non-reflective finish that makes it nearly invisible under most light and water conditions. Clear is a good choice for all situations where a dark colored tippet is not appropriate, such as when surface fishing for steelhead, or saltwater flats fishing. Maxima Clear is my favorite go-to tippet for Greased-Line steelhead fishing where the fly and the tippet are silhouetted against...

Many anglers believe that there is no stronger, more durable leader material than Maxima. Period. It has gained fanatical following of the most renowned trout, bass, steelhead, salmon and saltwater anglers. This is because of its 100% consistency and total reliability. Maxima has a high durability finish that avoids nicks and abrasions. This finish also helps to control knot slippage, which is a major factor in knot breakage. We've got the best price and freshest stock!

Printable Maxima Steelhead/Salmon Leader Formula Sheet