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Wooly Bugger Saddle Hackle 6/7 Inch Wooly Bugger Saddle Hackle 6/7 Inch
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Item #: SCSH -

Dyed colors are over natural brown variant which produces muted tones beloved by big trout and bass. These extra long slim hackles are often soft and slightly webby. Best for Wooly Buggers size #2 - #6. Also very good for Eel flies and some saltwater streamers. There is also a limited supply of dry fly hackle in each pack.

Z-Poxy, Fly Tyers Epoxy Z-Poxy, Fly Tyers Epoxy
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Item #: Z5 -

Clear, equal-mix. Cures in 5 minutes. Vibration resistant formula. Durable, sandable. Excellent for furniture. 4oz

Zap-A-Gap Zap-A-Gap
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Item #: ZAP -

Cyanoacrylates adhesive that fills gaps. Allows 7 to 10 seconds for positioning. Cures in 20 seconds. Bonds anything, even oily surfaces! Water proof, incredibly strong in very small amounts. Used for attaching lead wire, eyes and many other applications including on-stream repairs.Accelerate Zap-A-Gap set up time with Zip Kicker. Zap-A-Gap sets-up instantly with kicker.

Zephr Economy Fly Tying Vise Zephr Economy Fly Tying Vise
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Item #: TZ2006 -

This is the vise that we have been waiting for, one that holds hooks securely while you work, but didn't break the bank. This appears to be a high performance, and very low risk piece of equipment. The Zephr vise is ideally suited for flies in the size-2 through size-16 range, which covers most of the sizes of flie that most anglers tie. The jaws are cam lock, and when new they hold a variety of hooks securely. This vise is very compact for travelling, as well as inexpensive enough for the...

Zonker Cut Rabbit Hide Zonker Cut Rabbit Hide
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Item #: RHSB -

We offer complete rabbit hides in the most popular colors, that are already sliced into strips. This will save you hours and the laborious task of cutting your own strips. These hides are squared and then cut into 1/8" wide strips. The strips are left attached at the head end of the hide so that they stay organized and easy to select. Each hide produces about (30-36) 10" to 12" strips. If you use a lot of rabbit strip, this is the best quality and the most economical way to buy it. 1/8"...