Spring 2017

In This Issue:

  • 10 Ways to Tie your Finest Flies Ever!
  • Florida's Spring Tarpon Madness
  • The Mystery of Dan Cahill and His Famous Fly
  • The White Demon: Superior Streamers
  • Creating Improved Parachute Dries
  • An Easy-to-Tie Wasp that Catches Trout
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    A Better Dry Fly
    A Good Hair Day
    Make the perfect mayfly imitation using moose hair and the author�s unique tying method.
    by Barry Clarke

    A Lifelike Terrestrial
    The Stancev Wasp
    Carry this easy-to-tie imitation for when the real wasps are flying near your favorite trout stream.
    by Nadica & Igor Stancev

    An Innovative Streamer
    The White Demon
    Someone told the author that flies would not catch lake trout, so he tied this pattern and proved them wrong.
    by Hans Van Klinken

    Simple (and Inexpensive) Materials Storage Ideas
    Easy Does It!
    Do you own a lot of fly tying materials? Then it�s time to get organized. It is easier than you think.
    by Bill �Bugs� Logan

    Tarpon Madness
    Chicone�s Peyote Palolo Worm
    Florida�s springtime palolo worm hatch creates epic fishing, but you�ll need the right pattern to succeed. This simple fly hammers trophy tarpon.
    by Drew Chicone

    Favorite Pro Tips
    10 Things to Do Before You Tie
    How you prepare fly tying materials is just as important as how you lash them to the hooks. Our authors tell you what you need to know.
    by Al & Gretchen Beatty