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Anchor Soft Lead Split Shot Anchor Soft Lead Split Shot
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Loon Brass Head Loon Brass Head
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Just like Deep Soft Weight, this sinket is a Tungsten-based alternative to toxic lead-based products. With a brass color, it is perfect for making your own bead head nymphs right on-stream. It is both biodegradable and reusable. This stuff helps weight streamers, steelhead and salmon flies as well as nymphs. Soft weights tend to squish between rocks where split-shots get hung-up between rocks. Brass Soft Head Weight and Deep Soft Weight are used the same way. Deep soft weight is dull grey in...

Loon Deep Soft Weight Loon Deep Soft Weight
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A reusable non-lead putty that can be used in any amount and shaped into many configurations. Deep Soft Weight is more snag free than any kind of lead weight and saves the angler some aggravation of re-rigging after break-offs. This is the most "Earth Friendly" sinker material out there.

Loon Henrys Sinket Loon Henrys Sinket
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Flies treated with Henry's Sinket quickly break surface tension and rapidly drop in the water column to where the fish are. It helps nymphs get deep, where they roll along the bottom as naturally dislodged nymphs would. It's especially effective on streamers, getting flies down on the first cast rather than waiting until the materials become saturated. Henry's Sinket is completely biodegradable.

Loon Snake River Mud Loon Snake River Mud
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A multi-purpose sink paste for leaders and flies. Snake River Mud helps flies sink by breaking the surface water tension and will also camouflages leader by removing the shine. This biodegradable paste won't harm the environment, or discolor your leader. 1/4 ounce

Twistons Twist on Lead Twistons Twist on Lead
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Twist-ons are compact to carry, require no tools to install and are aerodynamic to cast. You can use partial Twish-ons for a small amount of weight or multiple Twist-ons for heavy weight. Twist-ons are reusable. When using Twist-ons with fine leader, it is best to place them above a blood knot, or surgeon's knot to keep them in place.

Water Gremlin Removeable Split Shot Water Gremlin Removeable Split Shot
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Water Gremlin's squeezable, soft Split Shot is made by a patented process which forms very soft lead into precise pieces. The result is a controlled hinge that can be squeezed onto the line using your fingers. Our Removable Split Shot also features "ears" that allow you to squeeze the shot back off your line. You can interchange sinkers instantly with just a snap of your fingers. No tools or teeth needed.

XINK Wet flies and Leader XINK Wet flies and Leader
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A liquid wetting agent that breaks the water surface-film and sinks both leaders and unweighted flies. Very handy when fishing any kind of wet flies. When flies are treated with Xink water will penetrate the fly instantly on first contact. Air bubbles are gone. Materials like marabou and hackle flow with more life-like movement for fooling the fish. When applied directly from the bottle Xink is mess free.Claimed by George Gerke to be wetter than water. Bares contemplation doesn't it. ...