Sandy River Fly Fishing Guide

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Sandy/Clackamas River float trip prices are $500 per boat. Daylight to dark is always an option. Some gates close at legal sunset, and control take-out times. Hot lunch, snacks, and soft drinks are furnished. Fishing formats can be tuned to fit your personality. Some anglers are aggressive; want to be the first boat on the water, and play hit and run all day. We can do that. We’ve rowed in the dark before. Other anglers have a more relaxed style. We know how to arrange that too. Having your own private school is always an option on any trip. We have acquired a huge collection of brand new Spey rods made by Sage, G. Loomis, Beulah, Echo and Temple Fork Outfitters...just for you to use when fishing with us. They are equipped with the latest reels and lines. Each outfit is designed to be the ultimate tool for a specific angling situation. This can add greatly to your experience. We have the best equipment in the game.

Steelhead are available: October-July.
Chinooks are available: October-December and May-July.

Trips are conducted by: Mark Bachmann.

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