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Wheatley fly box pouch, front view with fly box
Price: $6.10
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Item #: fly box pouch -

Made to accommodate 6" Wheatley aluminum or Clear-Site fly boxes, this pouch is designed to be attached to your belt or waders using the loops on the back. Constructed of tough nylon with velcro fastening flap, this pouch will keep your fly selection close to hand when and where you need it.

Wheatley Foam Insert Wheatley Foam Insert
Price: $3.00-$5.20
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Item #: 50 -

William Joesph Hook Net William Joesph Hook Net
Price: $59.95
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Item #: Hooknet -

No other trout net is as versatile as this one. Ultra-lightweight bamboo strength coupled with an integrated hook will allow you to put the Hook Net anywhere you need it quickly. The hook shaped handle will attach to your wading belt or the top of a waistband. Inside bow dimensions are 7 3/4" by 14 3/4". The bow is made with three-ply lamination for incredible strength. The fine mesh net is made from very soft nylon so that it is easy on the fish and easy to clean. The net is 22" long over...

Wonder Cloth Line Cleaner  4 Pack Wonder Cloth Line Cleaner  4 Pack
Price: $4.95
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Item #: 26076 -

Quickly clean your fly line and enhance its performance with this handy, single-use cloth. The Fly Line Cleaning Towelette works best on floating fly lines as it light brushes away loose dirt. Each pack contains one pre-coated cloth.

XINK Wet flies and Leader XINK Wet flies and Leader
Price: $5.00
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Item #: GG4 -

A liquid wetting agent that breaks the water surface-film and sinks both leaders and unweighted flies. Very handy when fishing any kind of wet flies. When flies are treated with Xink water will penetrate the fly instantly on first contact. Air bubbles are gone. Materials like marabou and hackle flow with more life-like movement for fooling the fish. When applied directly from the bottle Xink is mess free.Claimed by George Gerke to be wetter than water. Bares contemplation doesn't it. ...

Custom River Anchor Custom River Anchor
Price: $77.00
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Item #: ANCHOR -

K-Pump, Kwik Pressure Gauge K-Pump, Kwik Pressure Gauge
Price: $40.00
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Item #: 11879 -

Because this gauge has the unique "pressure release" feature you don't have to contort your body to read it. You simply insert the gauge into the valve, remove it, read it, and press the "reset button" to get another reading. It's versatile, very easy to use, durable and priced right.The Kwik Check Gauge works on Leafield, Halkey-Roberts, Summit and most "knock-off" valves.Most manufacturers recommend 3-5 pounds of pressure in your inflatable boat. Five-pounds pressure is pretty tight, but...