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Aero Head, Spey Line   Aero Head, Spey Line
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Travis Johnson shows perfect loop control with the new Beulah Aero Head Spey shooting head. The Beulah Aero Head is perfect for large rivers, such as Oregon's Deschutes. The Beulah AERO HEAD series are“modern” mid-belly Spey shooting heads. The taper is designed to optimize casting distance, yet minimize stripping associated with shorter Scandinavian style shooting heads. Beulah AERO HEADs deliver…well…arrow head shaped, high line speed loops that turn over positively at all distances.“Modern”?...

Airflo Custom Cut Tips Airflo Custom Cut Tips
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'Like a Brick' probably best describes the sink rate of a Custom Cut Tip. These were developed to meet the demands from steelhead and striper fishermen, but work for any specie where you have to get your fly deep in a hurry. These 20-foot long tips are looped at each end and may be simply looped to the end of your fly line for a 20-foot depth charge. Most anglers find that this is more than they need and make two shorter tips; such as two ten-footers or maybe an 8' and 12', or a 5' and 15'...

Braided PE Braided PE
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This is the finest grade of hollow braided polyethylene rope. It is smoother than any competitive brand of braided shooting line we've found. Braided PE has virtually no memory, even in the coldest conditions you will encounter while fly fishing. PE is comparatively easy on your hands. It floats and is a favorite with Spey and surf fishermen because it remains tangle free. It is easy to hang on to and shoots long distances.

ConnectCore Shooting Line ConnectCore Shooting Line
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Built on RIO's ultra low stretch ConnectCore, this shooting line is made to transmit more feel while casting and fishing. In corporated into the constuction is RIO's Extream Slickness coating, which allows less friction for longer, smoother casts. Each line comes with a thicker, highly visible, bright orange handling section which is seamlessly integrated for durability and ease of casting. These lines are "looped" for easy changing of shooting heads. Length: 100 ft (30.5 m) ...

Elixir Spey/Scandi Shooting Head Elixir Spey/Scandi Shooting Head
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These Scandi style heads are designed to balance perfectly with Beulah Platinum and Beulah Onyx series two-hand rods. They also mate up well with most other brands of rods, as with all the Scandi Lines, Elixirs are designed to fish smaller flies. Either regular knotless tapered leaders or PolyLeaders may be used with Elixir lines. Color: Sky Blue. Laser I.D. on all lines for easy identification. ...

Frog Hair Shooting Line Frog Hair Shooting Line
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GAMMA's proven "Molecularly Altered" Frog Hair Shooting Lines offer all of the casting qualities the big water angler desires. GAMMA's exclusive process builds-in flexibility and virtually eliminates coil memory, which produces lines that will shoot further and handle easier than any other monofilament running/shooting lines. Frog Hair Shooting Lines have the "slickness" needed to achieve greater distances. This processing also helps prevent kinking and allows the line to lay in soft, loose...

GripShooter GripShooter
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In the "Spey World" some anglers like conventional coated shooting line because it is easy to hang on to. Others like monofilament because it is slick and shoots through the rod guides with reduced friction for longer casts. Now you can have your cake and eat it too, or more to the point you can have a shooting line that is both monofilament and is coated for easier grip. It is called GripShooter, which is a super hard, slick finish oval-shaped nylon shooting line with a bright orange handling...

OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Line OPST Pure Skagit Lazar Line
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OPST's Pure Skagit Lazar Line is the slickest running line out there.This is the line for those of us who love to launch a cast, sit back, maybe eat a sandwich while the line rushes out of the guides and pulls line off the reel as it comes tight. (A posible slight exaduration, depends on the size of the sandwitch and how fast you eat). It is fun though, thinking about all that power. It is possible you will launch your longest casts with this stuff. Lazar Line is hydrophobic, extremely...

Powerflex Max Shooting Line Powerflex Max Shooting Line
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RIO's Powerflex Max Shooting Line is an excellent shooting line for anglers using Skagit or Scandi style shooting heads. It features an extremely tough outer coating, over a medium stiff Powerflex core that shoots with unbelievable ease for ultra long casts, has greatly increased durability and ensures tangle-free performance, cast after cast. The line's ultra-slick coating floats high on the surface, allowing for reduced drag and making it easy to shoot. Bullet proof welded loops on each end...

SA Floating Monocore Line Floating Monocore Line
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This shooting line is at least as slick as bare monofilament, but is much easier to handle. It is incredibly supple and memory free, even in cold weather. Scientific Anglers Monocore SL is arguably the best shooting line on the market today. Unfortunately is doesn't come with factory loops installed, but we know how to install very strong streamlined loops for you. And can show you how, while you watch.The best way is to have us install a Spey Swivel in the end of your Scientific Anglers...

Skagit Max Shooting Head Skagit Max Shooting Head
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RIO was the first to introduce the world to commercially made Skagit lines. Several generations with incremental improvements followed. RIO Skagit Max heads cast large flies and the fastest of sinking tips with exceptional ease. The unique weight distribution deeply loads rods for long, powerful casts, while the subtle taper design generates smooth, easy loops and long, long distances. These lines are built on RIO's ConnectCore with a more sensitive feel for detection of those cold water...

SlickShooter SlickShooter
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A super hard, slick finish oval-shaped nylon shooting line. Has no memory after being stretched before fishing each day. Has an extremely low coefficient of friction for long distance casts.

Spey Swivel Direct Spliced
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This Spey Swivel has a loop at one end only, and was generally intended to be for shooting lines without factory loops, such as: Scientific Anglers Floating Monocore, Scientific Anglers Braided PE, Varivas Airs, or Frog Hair. Attachments vary with the type of shooting line involved. Fly line type shooting lines are normally loop spliced, braided shooting lines are blind sliced, and monofilaments are knotted. There is no extra charge, except for the cost of the Spey Swivel itself for attaching...

Spey Swivel Gen-2 Spey Swivel Gen-2
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AntiRevolution Spey Swivels are now called: Spey Swivels Gen-2 "Offering a new level of inner peace for all Spey fishers." Some days of casting with a Spey outfit are easier than others. Days when you get a lot of tangles in your shooting line are never easy. Casts which produce balls of knitting jammed up against your first stripping guide impair your concentration and pretty quickly, other facets of your casts suffer as well. Most Spey casts involve circular motions with the rod, which have...

Tonic Spey/Skagit Shooting Head Tonic Spey/Skagit Shooting Head
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These Skagit style heads are designed to balance perfectly with Beulah Platinum and Beulah Onyx series two-hand rods. They also mate up well with most other brands of rods. as with all the Skagit Lines, Tonics are designed to turn over a tip. These lines work well with every kind of tip that is normally used for steelhead and salmon fishing: M.O.W. tips, iMOW tips, FLO Tips & lengths of T-Line in various weights & lengths. ...

Varivas Airs Shooting Line Varivas Airs Shooting Line
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The VARIVAS Airs Shooting Line has become very popular with distance casters and steelhead/salmon anglers who want to reach our farther. Simply stated, AIRS reduces friction while running through your guides. You will instantly notice the difference between this and any other shooting line we are aware of. The secret is the eight air chambers that run lengthwise inside the line, which gives AIRS its floatation, and also gives it a slightly ridged cross-section on the outside for less contact...