• Made from the finest hardwoods
  • Features a lightweight rubber bag
  • Bow: 9.5" x 20"
  • Handle: 12"
  • Overall Length: 32"
  • Bag Color: Clear
Price: $122.95
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    The San Juan is a float tube and pontoon net made from the finest hardwoods and features a lightweight rubber bag.

    In an age when metal and composite tools often dominate those same items made from wood, handcrafted laminated wooden landing nets are as popular as ever. In many ways, a handle and bow fashioned from selected woods are more practical than the same components made from more "modern" materials. One reason is because wood floats: a huge advantage.

    Laminated wood is lightweight, very strong and durable when bonded and finished with modern epoxies and polymers. A finely detailed, handcrafted landing net is beautiful to look at. It becomes a fashion statement for the angler who owns and uses one.

    All Fisknat nets feature lightweight rubber bags that weigh half as much as traditional bags, but are just as strong. Rubber net bags are easy on fish, and flies don't get stuck in them.

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