• Carron Jetstream Spey lines offer the angler an exceptional fishing line with fantastic reserves for long distance casting. The unique profiling of the taper allows distance casting to be achieved with ease.
  • The new range of Carron Jetstream Spey lines, incorporate all the ingredients of a top quality fly line.
  • Unique coating. Supple and memory free.
  • Highly visible color change to identify pick up point for consistent ease of casting.
  • Advanced tapering allows perfect presentation
  • Modern poly leaders and sink tips can be cast with ease using the "Next Generation? Spey lines .
  • Designed by fishermen for fishermen.
  • Price: $150.00
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      The word is out. This is the line that will convince you that longer belly lines are easy and practical for many steelhead situations in the Pacific Northwest. New twin colors.
      Scottish lines are sized different than American lines.

      An 8/9 Carron-55 fits an American 7/8 rod, etc.
      Total Line Length: 120', 40 yd.
      Head length: 55'.
      Carron-55: Bright Yellow running line, Sky Blue head.