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Small Custom Waterproof Fly Box - closed
Price: $13.99-$15.99
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Item #: FG 14 -

These two NEW convenient models of custom waterproof fly boxes will put a grin on your face. They are strong and durable, made from clarified ABS plastic, and feature positive snap tight latches and stainless steel hinge pins. High density, custom made, long lasting slit foam liners will hold tons of flies. Watertight rubber gaskets seal each lid securely and provide a barrier against the elements. These boxes are built for portability in a vest or jacket pocket. Each is designed for trout...

Waterproof Fly Box Waterproof Fly Box
Price: $44.75
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Item #: CFGS-35 -

What's your big game? Just because it's called a Permit fly box doesn't mean you can only store Permit flies in it. As you might note from the picture above, steelhead spey flies also fit this box very well. The Waterproof Tarpon Fly Box will help you organize any flies that are 3" to 4". The Waterproof Bonefish Box is meant to carry flies in the 1" to 1 1/2" lengths.7.75" x 4.48" x 1.65" (19.7cm x 11.4cm x 4.2cm)