Deschutes Equipment List

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Deschutes Equipment List for Camp-out Trips

Planning a Dream Fly fishing Trip? For Steelhead In The Deschutes River? With guides booked at The Fly Fishing Shop - Welches, OR?

Much of your comfort and fishing success will be determined by your advance planning. You want to have enough gear for maximum enjoyment of your destination fishery, but you don't want to pack more than you need. Your Pre-travel check list is your equipment list and much more. It is part of your preparation plan.

You must have an Oregon Fishing License and Steelhead Tag.
Daily licenses include this tag. Annual licenses do not.
The Fly Fishing Shop does sell fishing licenses if you stop in before your trip.
Oregon Fishing Licenses can also be purchased online: Purchase License Online
If you are boating the Deschutes River you also will need a Deschutes Boaters Pass.
If you are fishing with us the boater pass is included in the price of your trip.
Some dates are limited entry, and the boater pass can not be in the guides name.
You will need to furnish personal information to your guide so he can purchase your boater pass for you.

Steelhead Fly Fishing Pre-Travel Check List

Clothing (for 3-5 day trip)
Avoid cotton fabric except in blends. 100% cotton fabrics are hard to dry in the field. Synthetic clothing is much more comfortable.

( ) 2pr. Lightweight fleece under wear pants
( ) 1 Long sleeve, fleece under wear shirts
( ) 1pr. Wool/synthetic blend socks for each day
( ) 2 long sleeve shirts
( ) 2 White Hankies in zip-lock bags (for wiping glasses, etc)
( ) 1pr. Camp Shoes
( ) 1 Fleece Jacket for lounging around camp
( ) 1 Hat with bill. (might bring a spare)
( ) 1 Waterproof Wading Jacket

Toilet Items
( ) comb
( ) soap
( ) tooth brush
( ) tooth paste
( ) shampoo
( ) conditioner
( ) nail clipper
( ) nail file
( ) razor
( ) shaving cream
Survival Items
( ) 35 SPF Sun Block
( ) 15 SPF Sun Block
( ) Insect Repellent
( ) Sewing Kit
( ) Flash Light
Sun Glasses
( ) 2pr. Sun Glasses (in case you loose one pair)
( ) Glasses Cleaning Fluid and Wipe Cloth in zip lock bag
( ) 1 Sleeping Bag (2.5 - 3 pound for July-Sept) (4 - 4.5 pound for October)
( ) 1 Pillow
( ) 1 Bath Towel
In case it rains during transportation from the boat ramp to camp, bring your bedding in a waterproof roll-top bag . Nothing is worse than a soggy sleeping bag or pillow. Please do not use garbage bags. Garbage bags are too fragile for transporting gear. Nothing denotes a tenderfoot more than showing up with your gear in a garbage bag.

Entertainment Items

( ) Digital Camera ( ) Memory Cards ( ) Batteries ( ) Charger/Cables
( ) Magazines/Books
( ) Binoculars
( ) Munchies



Nothing is more important to your steelhead fishing success than your wading equipment. It is safe to say that no other equipment item has ruined more steelhead trips than leaky waders. The very best waders available are none too good for the environment that steelhead live in. Steelhead rivers and steelhead fishing trips beat up waders. All waders eventually will leak with prolonged use on steelhead rivers. Some brands are more reliable than others. The Waders We Sell have been proven in the steelhead environment(s). During colder weather, we recommend that you bring an extra pair of waders.
Wading Shoes
Steelhead rivers are often very large and require that fishing is done while wading. Wading in most steelhead rivers is challenging, and although our guides will keep you in water that you can handle, the most skilled waders have access to more and often better water. Steelhead live where streambed rocks are large and slippery. Wading shoes used for steelhead fishing should be equipped with traction devises such as Simms HardBite Boot Star Cleat and/or Alumibite Cleat. No, this ain't Montana where anglers fish while floating, and guides are worried about the floors of their cute little drift boats. This is Oregon where anglers wade for steelhead. We know the terrain and we want you to be safe and our boats are equipped to be "Stud Friendly". No one knows more about the installation of traction devices than we do. We are walking on traction devices nearly every day. Have our Stud Service install your studs.
Even better, just buy your studded steelhead shoes here.
( ) 1 Waders
( ) 1 Wading shoes with studded soles.
( ) 1 Wading belt
( ) 1 Wading staff
Rods & Reels
How to Choose Steelhead Tackle
Most Deschutes River anglers use Spey shooting head type lines. Several heads may be interchanged with a reel equipped a shooting line. The following rod/reel combinations are offered as a check list:
( ) 6 Weight ( ) Rod ( ) Reel ( ) Extra Heads/Tips
( ) 7 Weight Outfit ( ) Rod ( ) Reel ( ) Extra Heads/Tips
( ) 8 Weight Outfit ( ) Rod ( ) Reel ( ) Extra Heads/Tips
Fishing Accessories
( ) Hook File
( ) Nail Knot Tier
( ) Leader Clipper
Reel / Line Maintenance Kit
( ) Fly Line Cleaner & Pads
( ) Spray Lube
( ) Reel Oil
Leader & Tippet
Leaders will vary with fishing depth:
( ) 4 12' 01X. knotless tapered leaders
( ) 4 4' 01X knotless tapered leaders

( ) 01X tippet

Flies will vary with trip timing.
The guides that book through The Fly Fishing Shop are liberal with the newest hottest patterns, but in order to retain a measure of independence, you may want to have a fly selection of your own.
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