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The cover of Steelheaders Journal, 2017, picture
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You might call this the Mechanics Illustrated for Spey fishers. A pragmatic, real world approach to, and portrayal of the sport. There is a lot of "who is," and "how to," written in a very enjoyable style. Most of the people you will see between the covers are good friends of ours. There is a lot of coverage of the Pacific Rim in Steelheader's Journal.

Swing The Fly Magazine 2017 volume 4, picture
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What they say:Swing the Fly magazine was formed in 2013 as an online magazine dedicated to Spey casting and swinging flies for steelhead, Atlantic salmon, trout, and more. Nine free issues were published quarterly online from April, 2013 through July, 2015. Beginning in early 2016, Swing the Fly is now also available as a high quality print magazine. Some people might call us "grassroots." We do like to think that we are different. The magazine is printed on 100% recycled paper with a heavy,...