• Length: 9'
  • Line Wt.: 9
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium
  • Pieces: 4
  • Velour Rod Sock Included
  • Carbon Fiber Reel Seat with 1 1/2" Extension Butt
  • Over-sized TFO Proprietary 'Tactical Series' Stripping Guides Are Standard
  • No-Fault Warranty Included
Price: $299.95
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Lefty Kreh has always been a proponent of using nine-weight rods for saltwater fishing. Nine-weights might seem a little strong for bonefish and some snook, but they are sure handy when the wind comes up, or you encounter a really big bone, or permit, or have to haul a 12-pound snook out of the mangroves (or even smaller ones).

That is a nine-foot nine-weight BVK that I am holding along with the snook at the bottom of this page. It is one of the best rods by any manufacturer that I have used. We used a Cortland Liquid crystal WF9F on the BVK 9'-#9. The line weight and taper really fits the BVK and allows delicate presentations while delivering incredible line speed at just the right range to fit the flats we fished most. For bonefish I used a 14' #12 leader and #6 fly and it was total magic from 30'to 80', but still could deliver a 20' cast with 6' of line beyond the tip. This setup also had a commanding short game with 3/0 Gurglers in the mangroves for snook. This is extreme target casting with a big fly and short stiff leader. We used #40 fluorocarbon for bite tippet. We had three nine weight rods, and this was the winner. MB